International jobs, studies, friendships and work relationships are not new anymore. Through globalisation, the world is getting smaller and smaller and international opportunities are growing bigger and bigger. But it is not always as easy as it may seem. Because there are a lot of different countries, people, languages and traditions around the world, going abroad can make a lot of complicated situations.

LinkedIn Global is an application I came up with during my specialisation of ‘Concept’. The application is meant for professionals and students who aspire to go international. It will help you with finding the right people and vacancies, but more important: it will help you with making contact with these people and companies. It says you what to do, and what not to do.

The Global application is available for all LinkedIn users with a premium account. In your premium account, you can put on the Global option. The global option will support your account with more international vacancies, but more important: from now on, every international account you will be visiting shows an extra button.

This button is here to provide you with information about what will be the best way for you to get in touch with this person. This advice will be based on the theory of Geert Hofstede aboutCultural Differences. The software of this application will compare how your country scores at the theory and how another country scores.Based on the similarities and deviations it will give you advice about how to make contact and how to keep contact.