Exhibition for WestFries Museum

The Westfries Museum (placed in Hoorn, Netherlands) asked the project group I was part of to design a new exhibition for them.

They wanted us to create an exhibition of the painting you can see in the picture above (Herstelwerkzaamheden aan de zeedijk bij Schardam by Matthias Withoos).

The exhibition we would design must have this painting as a central point.

Collaboration with: Ocean Conijn, Sonja Lugtenburg, Allette Muijs and Dave Kok
My task within this project was to think about a concept. This was a real challenge because we needed to make something bigger out of 1 painting. The idea I came up with was about a deeper meaning because artists most of the time want people to think about their work. The work of Matthias Withoos contains a lot of layers and hidden messages, so the actual concept of the biggest part of the exhibition was about this layers. We pulled them apart so we could tell all the story’s separately to the visitors. This video next to the text will explain the idea (video is made by Sonja Lugtenburg).

Total project
The entire exhibition we delivered, was divided into four parts. The main part was the part I told about above.

At the other side of the room where this layer-part was, did we made a space to show the background information about what you did not see in the painting?

We also designed a part of the exhibition, in particular for children. This was based on gamification so the children could learn about the Dutch water history on a fun and interactive way.

The last part of the exhibition was placed in the basement of the room. We made a deepening space where people who are more interested and wanted to know more could come and learn more.